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Pulped Fictions

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Pulped Fictions

This community is a place for writers to mingle, post their original work and discuss the horrors and hair-pulling of writing with people who understand. Here, you'll find challenges, discussions, advice and hopefully some inspiration.

Owing to the nature of the community, it is closed and membership is on an entirely discretionary basis. If you'd like to join, please leave a membership request here.

Copyright of all written original work contributed by individuals to this site, pulped_fictions, is owned by those individual contributors. pulped_fictions has a strict policy against plagiarism in any form, and any such persons found to be participating in an act of plagiarism will have their membership suspended immediately, pending further action. As such, pulped_fictions can take no responsibility for any act of plagiarism perpetrated by individuals on this site, and any person wishing to contribute work to this site should be aware that they are individually responsible for asserting copyright of their original work.

I love being a writer. What I can't stand is the paperwork. ~Peter De Vries

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